Episode 50 – Eating Disorders A Muslim Perspective

Part 2- Eating Disorders Awareness Week

This talk explores the muslim perspective on eating disorders

Ms Maha Khan, Blogger, Campaigner & Founder of War Against Eating Disorders shares her personal struggles battling an eating disorder in secret, when toxic thoughts of an unhealthy and unattainable body image started at 15. She also shares her work on breaking the stigma across muslim communities.



1.15 – 10 Years To Diagnosis

3.39 – Only 5 Weeks To Live!

6.37 – The War On Eating Disorders

9.32 – The Human Spirit & Secrecy Of Illness

13.12 – Stories Across Muslim Communities

15.20 – Rainbow Treatment Centre Lahore

18.02 – Marriage & Pregnancy

22.19 – Body image vs Rural Communities

26.44 – The Family Dynamic & Culture

32.14 – The Feast Of The Bride & Flight To Health


This perspective was part of our Eating Disorders Awareness Summit increasing awareness of eating disorders for diverse communities during Eating Disorders Awareness Week.