Our Approach to Mental Health at Work

We use our experience to co-design tailored mental health workshops, that will resonate with your employees and embed seamlessly into your culture dealing with mental health at work.

Leading a business and managing a team is never easy. That’s why we support business leaders and managers to prioritise employee wellbeing and create an ongoing dialogue to deal with mental health at work

The workshops are designed to increase awareness, recognise early warning signs, increase confidence of managing and supporting psychological safety and wellbeing.

We keeping mental health at the top of your agenda by containing the anxiety of your employees and helping you to deal with  more complex mental health topics including burnout, PTSD & Racial Trauma, Onboarding Remotely, Financial Wellbeing, Alcohol Awareness, Race & Mental health and other topics to deal with mental health at work.



6x6 Wellbeing Bundle

Transformation delivered by Wellness Coaches, who are qualified mental health experts, with clinical backgrounds, and expertise in supporting people with mental health at work

Our coaches work with organisations to create tailored diverse content that helps employees understand mental health at work including;

  • Digital Wellness Toolkits are tailored to your organisation
  • The Five Pillars of Wellbeing
  • Psychological Safety & Wellbeing
  • How to recognise early warning signs & signpost
  • The intersectionality with Wellbeing, alongside Diversity & Inclusion
  • Case studies to support deep learning
  • Building Hybrid Workplace


For teams who want to embed mental health at work into their team culture or organisational DNA, and are ready to move from transactional traditional models to true transformation

  • Integrate with existing HR Processes, MHFA’s, Diversity & Inclusion Networks, Occupational Health or EAP initiatives
  • Learning & Development Training, Leadership Development & Building Leadership Capacity or Compassionate Leaders
  • Recruitment and Appraisal Frameworks, including on-boarding or inductions for nurturing and retaining diverse talent
  • Change Management Projects, Digital Transformation & Culture Change Programmes

“Last year we embedded Mental Health First Aiders across the organisation to raise awareness and encourage open conversations. Benevolent Health have delivered tailored support to managers across our 5 locations. 89% reported an increase in confidence to tackle mental health at work. Great tailored preventative mental health at work!” 

Catherine Nice (NSANDI, Learning & Development Manager)

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Our approach to mental health is tailored to improve mental health at work. We believe that like Health & safety, a positive and open approach to mental health is not just the role of one person, but rather a facet of collective responsibility.

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