Our tailored approach to mental health is beyond workplace wellbeing. We believe that like Health & safety, a positive and open approach to mental health is not just the role of one person, but rather a facet of collective responsibility.

We believe that:

Promoting prevention and enabling early intervention is key to workplace wellbeing

Taking care of your own mental health needs and being able to communicate them is essential

Understanding how to support your colleagues to spot the signs of mental illness and signpost to support earlier is an incredibly powerful tool for any business

We believe in continued professional development of mental health across your workforce


Our supportive approach has been proven to increase employee engagement and increase emotional wellbeing to build teams that can thrive at work. We work with our clients to improve the confidence of their managers by helping them to recognise early warning signs


We understand how important it is for organisations and its people to engage with their emotional wellbeing. Our clinically developed digital wellbeing platform increases awareness of Stress, Anxiety or Depression to deliver impactful action plans that promote emotional wellbeing.


Our diverse team of expert psychologists, psychotherapists, cognitive behavioural therapists,  mindfulness practitioners and coaches have first hand experience of delivering mental health support to make operational improvements that result in improved workplace culture.

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