Employee Benefits: 4 Ways to boost morale & make your office more friendly

Employee Benefits Nowadays, one of the top considerations people have when job searching for a job or potential employers are employee benefits. The perks offered are seen as the frosting on the cake, that manages to attract top-notch recruits and also can be tailored to fit the needs of current...

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Harnessing authenticity online: Thriving at home and in the workplace

The impact of the digital era Although social media platforms can be praised for giving people the chance to spread their message and voice their opinions, it is also responsible for nurturing a generation where popular culture is obsessed with sameness and struggles to tolerate difference. This can threaten a...

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Workplace Wellbeing: 3 Ways to increase productivity & build thriving teams

Workplace Wellbeing With over 28 million people in work in England, it is estimated nearly 5 million people in this group struggles with mental ill health including depression, anxiety or issues relating to stress. The first point of contact for employees to obtain the support they need from their companies...

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