Episode 30- Mad World Summit Disrupting Workplace Wellbeing

Episode 7 – Work Life Balance Series

The Mad World Summit convenes a range of leaders for the next-generation of leadership teams from SMEs to FTSE 100 companies to disrupt the mental health & wellbeing sector

Simon Berger & Claire Farrow are joining me today to conclude our work life balance series and explore the latest innovations and best practice in workplace wellbeing

Simon has worked in the live event industry for over 30 years, launching multiple event portfolios in Europe, North America and the Middle East

Claire Farrow the Conference Director responsible for driving the content for the summit

0.39 – MAD World Summit Disrupting Workplace Wellbeing

3.11- The Three Objectives of MAD World 

7.43- Mental Health Branding- Imagery and Narrative

10.41- ROI & Business Objectives Embedding Wellbeing

15.05 – How Companies Measuring Impact To Justify Buy-In?

19.55 – What Does Good Look Like In Wellbeing?

25.05- Data & Collaboration Impacts Choices

28.50- The DeFrazzle Cafe & Ruby Wax 

31.18- Work Life Balance- Diversity Question?

31.38- Innovation & Tech in Wellbeing

37.12- Mad World Summit Event 

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