Expertise in mental health

Benevolent Health specialises in providing expertise in mental health through consulting, coaching and mentoring

Mental health is one of the biggest challenges for leaders building flourishing teams in the hybrid workplace



  • Strategy & policy development
  • Service redesign & development
  • Implementation of projects or programmes


  • Tailored workshops for managers
  • Tools to spot early warning signs
  • Increase confidence to reduce burnout


  • Wellbeing Toolkits for Managers
  • Experts in Preventative Mental Health
  • Facilitate Safe Spaces

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The Hybrid Workplace

Building a diverse culture of belonging

To build healthier, happier and more inclusive teams we must support the diverse needs of each individual to shift the narrative on mental health. We all have mental health & we all want to thrive

Ready to flourish?

This requires all managers to have a basic knowledge of mental health and for all organisations to move towards a personalised, tailored approach that  is culturally relevant






Benevolent Health provides a wellbeing solution focused on the diverse needs of your people. Our mission is to make mental health more accessible globally and we believe this starts in the workplace.


Providing bespoke, tailored diverse mental health support to individuals


Our wellbeing coaches are experts and work alongside your managers to curate & deliver tailored workshops to improve mental health

Support to all

Curated wellbeing toolkits and digital content to increase awareness of stress and improve wellbeing, delivered by wellbeing mentors that are always accessible

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Combining exceptional people with brilliant mentors

Mind Hub is an anonymous platform, used to understand the emotional wellbeing for diverse minds

Our aim is to create healthier, happier and more productive people who feel safe, supported and can thrive at home and work

Our carefully curated content based on leading clinical expertise will help you to feel emotionally connected and less stressed to enjoy work.

Our mentors will help rewire your brain, eliminate anxiety and build resilience daily to make lasting changes. Find your Mind Hub Mentor

We are GC INDEX® Partners:

Benevolent Health partners with The GC Index® powered by solutions to have a greater impact and create a culture for people to thrive globally. Read more about GC Index here and how we support culture change, diversity & inclusion &  team coaching. Contact us to find out more