Our Approach

Where workplace wellbeing practices and support networks permit, Benevolent Health embeds it’s Mind Hub platform into organisations as part of a guided self help psycho-educational programme.

As a platform Mind Hub can be accessed by all of the employees within an organisation and used as a digital mentor, which repeatedly measures the emotional wellbeing of an employee, while signposting them to relevant online support that increase their awareness of stress, anxiety and depression.

Combining exceptional people with brilliant technology

Mind Hub is an anonymous platform, used to understand your own emotional wellbeing, or the emotional wellbeing of those you work with, for managers, employees, and executives.

Our aim is to create healthier, happier and more productive employees who feel safe, supported and thrive at work.

Mind Hub delivers guided self-help according to 3 quick and easy steps:

  • The completion of screening questionnaire
  • Analysis of the participants results
  • Completion of stress, anxiety and depression modules

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Our approach to mental health is tailored to improve the confidence of managers. We believe that like Health & safety, a positive and open approach to mental health is not just the role of one person, but rather a facet of collective responsibility.

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