Expertise in Mental Health

We specialise in providing expertise in mental health to NHS Trusts, Clinical Commissioning Groups, Local Authorities and Third Sector both in the public and private sector.

We help clients to achieve genuine benefits, standing side by side until benefits are realised

Our approach ensures that solutions aren’t just conceived, they are delivered to help you to achieve your ambitions, building greater value across workplaces and communities.

We advise at a senior level and take a hands-on approach to work with operational staff on complex issues that are difficult to change.

Improving parity between mental and physical health

Increasing access to mental health through prevention and early intervention

Improving the quality of care through co-production

Integrating digital solutions to increase access and improve early help

How can Benevolent Health assist you?

We provide mental health expertise across both public and private sector organisations to improve the emotional wellbeing of workplaces and communities

  • Managing the delivery and infrastructure of projects or programmes, including designing new programmes and setting up governance
  • Ensuring quality execution through a hands-on, pragmatic programme approach to the design and delivery
  • Assessing options for integrating digital applications to improve the quality of services and increase efficiencies
  • Developing new innovations, or scaling existing programmes through actively scoping the marketplace for new products and services
  • Enhancing existing policies, processes and procedures, quality assessments and audits
  • Building stronger, more efficient teams through stakeholder engagement to empower clinical or operational teams to thrive

‘Benevolent Health have a deep understanding of mental health and building support for communities across different demographics. This has enabled us to deliver transformational programmes for children & young people, redesign crisis care, innovate across dementia care and embed support that improves access to psychological therapies to impact both communities and workplaces through prevention & early intervention’ Chris Walker, Attain, Director