Our Approach

We are delighted to be a key part of the movement that makes the emotional health of employees a strategic priority.

Gradually we are seeing more and more employers begin to understand the value of creating happier, healthier and more resilient employees.

We work with organisations to help them to measure the impact of their initiatives and increase employee engagement

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We Understand A One Size Fits All Approach Is Not Effective For Improving Wellbeing

Our Workplace Wellbeing Audit is designed to celebrate the good work employers are doing to support wellbeing and provide key recommendations to improve emotional wellbeing further

We work alongside employees, across a range of sectors to increase the emotional capital of your organisation

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How does the Wellbeing Audit work?

  • Understand your current performance
  • Baseline where you are doing well and explore key areas for improvement
  • Promote existing solutions & link to external events and activities
  • Utilise our clinical experience to prioritise initiatives
  • Develop a tailored strategy & 12 month roadmap
  • Build tailored programmes to make a lasting impact


Wellbeing Audit Case Studies

Case Study

Case Study Top Culture & Talent

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Case Study Work Life Balance

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We believe that like Health & safety, a positive and open approach to wellbeing is not just the role of one person, but rather a facet of collective responsibility.

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