Episode 31- Digital Wellness Increasing Connection & Wellbeing

Part 1 – Digital Wellness Series

Exploring increasing connection and wellbeing through human centred design

Distracting and addicting tech is a growing epidemic that affects every aspect of our increasingly digital lives

Kai Tang The Co-founder & CEO of Light is a designer, with a masters degree in human centred designed. His background is in designing mobile phones and after attending Googles first designer incubator in 2014, he founded Light in New York


1.04 – The Light Phone Inspiring Connection & Wellbeing

4.15 – Separation Between Online & Offline Worlds

6.27 – Going Light Or Going Back To Horse & Carriage?

8.10 – Choosing Technology – What Are The Options?

10.33- Tracking Apps and Smartphone Intrusion

13.40 – How Addicted To Smartphones Are we?

17.16- Intentional Design Increasing Human Connection

19.20 – Digital Detox, Reconnecting & Staying Balanced

20.30 – Digital Wellness Denial

22.15 – Human Connection & Happiness


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