Episode 25- Veteran, Military and Family Culture

Work Life Balance Series – Part 2

Zara McArdle, Recruitment and Development specialist at Inzpire Ltd.

Experts in aviation and award winning suppliers of defence managed services, training in cutting edge GECO Mission System.

Sharing how a military organisation are putting family first to create a work life balance culture.

1.04- The 7 Values That Drive Inzpire’s Work Life Balance Culture

1.35 – Working With Veterans & Military Staff

2.05 – Promoting Work Life balance & Family time

3.30 – Uncapped Leave Is Improving Staff Retention & Productivity

5.01 – Family Inclusive Wellbeing Activities & Social Events

7.35 – Normalising mental health & Facilitating Open Conversations

8.43- Inzpire’s Top Tips To Improve Wellbeing

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