Episode 26- Employee Perspective Supporting Mental Health

Part 3- Work Life Balance Series

Rachael Down is a Content Specialist at Breathe HR. A Company Putting Their People First

Diagnosed with depression, anxiety and PTSD

Rachael shares her first-hand experience of the challenges and stigma around opening up about mental ill health in the workplace



0.55 Sharing her experience of depression and anxiety within an office environment and her creative expression

4.10 Micro management and supporting employees with mental health

7.15 The attitudes of a thriving work culture to feel safe and open up about her mental health

13.05 Impact of the leadership teams honesty and awareness

15.40 Sharing best practice & driving a different culture across SME’s

17.05 Flexible working to support medication regimes

19.24 Presenteeism and work/ life balance perspective

20.35 Pets, exercise and breaks to promote better mental health

22.18 Advice to both employers and employees struggling with mental health

25.21 Self care and taking responsibility of our own mental health

27.01 Showing vulnerability as a leader

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