Episode 70 – Financial Wellbeing To Improve Mental Health

Financial Wellbeing – Coping With Financial Anxiety

Outstanding loans, piling bills and looming debt can cause us to feel more stressed and anxious, affecting our mental health. Exploring how to increase financial wellbeing to improve mental health with Timi Merriman-Johnson & Catherine Miller

Founder of Mr MoneyJar, a financial education platform for people in the UK. Mr MJ MoneyJar offers accessible, practical guidance around personal finance and investing through 121 coaching.

Catherine Miller. Business Development Director and Research Lead for Maji. A life-long digital financial wellbeing platform that coaches consumers to make good decisions about their money lowers their money stress.

1.48 – Financial Security & How It Impacts Wellbeing

2.50 – Financial Anxiety & Conditioning

4.22 – The 3Ps For Boosting Optimism

7.36 – Financial Literacy & Wellbeing

10.20 – How Does Money Effect Mental Health

14.37- Changes To Approaches To Money In a Pandemic

16.12 – What Financial Support Is Available?

19.07 – What Can Your Workplace Do To Support Financial Wellbeing?

20.19 – Coping With Financial Anxiety

23.11 – What Should Financial Wellness Look Like?

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