Episode 89 – Dealing with everyday racism

Dr Shungu Hilda M'gadzah Director & Lead Consultant Psychologist with over 30 years experience working as a DEI coach at senior executive board level. Today we are going deeper to explore everyday racism and sharing our experiences of every racism within her six stage framework to understand & tackle racism...

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4 Ways To Foster a Sense of Belonging in Your Workplace

Fostering a sense of belonging Belonging involves having a sense of connection and feeling valued by the people around you. Connection plays a valuable role on our mental health, which makes having positive relations and purpose within working life extra important. The belonging of employees should therefore not only gain...

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Episode 70 – Financial Wellbeing To Improve Mental Health

Financial Wellbeing - Coping With Financial Anxiety Outstanding loans, piling bills and looming debt can cause us to feel more stressed and anxious, affecting our mental health. Exploring how to increase financial wellbeing to improve mental health with Timi Merriman-Johnson & Catherine Miller Founder of Mr MoneyJar, a financial education...

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