Episode 72 – The Future Of Digital Mental Health

Increasing diversity & inclusion

Usma Barosh a mental health strategist, passionate about the digital mental health space and improving mental health at scale post pandemic.

We are exploring the impact of the lack of human connection during the pandemic and how digital mental health products can be used to increase wellbeing, solve bigger mental health inequalities and increase access for more marginalised and niche communities


2.07 – MIND & The importance of baselining

3.30 – Why preventative Mental Health?

4.07- Zinc, Science & Mental Health

6.43 – Race & Mental Health

7.10 – Alcohol, addiction & pandemic

10.09 – Intersectionality of diversity, inclusion & wellbeing

11.02 – Innovating with difference in mind

14.22 – Digital mental health is it good or bad?

19.21 – Touch & human connection

22.51 – Predictions for the digital mental health space in 2021

26.40 – Culturally nuanced Founders & products

27.53 – Digital therapeutics, insomnia & poor sleep

28.32 – Waiting lists a form of neglect?


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