Authenticity: Accelerating across digital

Authenticity: Accelerating across digital


It has never been so easy to be authentic in the digital space. We can choose to present a perfect picture with no complications across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media applications or document who we truly are and what we are really experiencing.

Some have taken authenticity to the next level and document their entire journey in love, life or business accelerating authenticity across digital through providing positive inspiration and helpful advice that is genuinely encouraging for others to follow.

When you fit into other peoples’ opinions or popular cultural norms, it can still be a challenge to share your true thoughts or feelings, if your self-worth is connected to the number of likes, comments and shares you receive or affirmations from your friends, family or colleagues.

If you deny who you really are authenticity is sacrificed and replaced with a false sense of self, one that is eager to gain the approval of others, forfeiting your beliefs and true identity which can leave you feeling ashamed and conflicted.

For some, this can be extremely exposing, especially if we are ashamed of who we really are or are unhappy about what we have achieved. Perhaps, you have chosen to opt out of social medial for these reasons and you view it as a complete waste of time and energy, but this does not stop you considering the challenge of authenticity or experiencing conflicting feelings.

Why does this even matter?

I think it matters because it effects our happiness and how we interact with the world. We are creating a society where popular culture is obsessed with sameness and struggles to tolerate difference which crushes authenticity.

There is an increasing pressure to meet unrealistic standards that we are unable to live up to and this is being accelerated across digital, particularly for millennials who spend a great deal of time on social media.

Authenticity in the digital space does not only have to be for the courageous who carry on regardless of negative comments or ridicule. Digital makes it much easier to be authentic and spread your message. If someone does not like your message, tone or opinions then they can choose not to listen, it’s not really your problem!

The reality is in the digital space, you will have some followers who hate your message and others who will love it and those who simply won’t even care. They may even agree with you in secret and never let you know. It is no different to real life situations or face to face interactions.

It doesn’t matter if it is across social media, around your family dinner table or in the board room or office. Whatever the response from others. Destroy shame with authenticity, be true to yourself, stay connected to your intrinsic values. Just keep sharing your message and do you.

You are the only person on earth created to be you. This is amazing. Striving for sameness is false and it leads to emptiness, but being the best version of you leads you to live on purpose! Be bold, be courageous! Be you!

Have a great day and be encouraged.


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