Why Mental Health Matters?

The impact of COVID-19 on mental health Mental Health matters today because the actions taken now by governments and corporations globally will be a game changer for mental health over the next 3-4 years. Mental health is not just a health issue, but it is also connected to our homes,...

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Episode 63 – Returning To The Office

Part 1- How Safe Really Is It To Return To The Office? Less than 20% of workers feel positive about heading back to the office, as workplaces begin to re-open. Paris Petgrave CEO & Founder Of We Love Work. Digital strategy implementation to support employees safely back to work. We...

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COVID-19: The Bog Roll Pandemic

As we prepare for lockdown and all the panic buying continues this weekend, so does the bog roll pandemic! I ponder this weeks events and how BIG the impact of a lockdown really is for everyone, not just economically, but on HOW it will change the way we do life...

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