Episode 63 – Returning To The Office

Part 1- How Safe Really Is It To Return To The Office?

Less than 20% of workers feel positive about heading back to the office, as workplaces begin to re-open.

Paris Petgrave CEO & Founder Of We Love Work. Digital strategy implementation to support employees safely back to work.

We are exploring returning to the office for employees who are feeling sad or anxious about returning to the office.

0.45 – Exploring Different Approaches To Returning To The Office

3.57 – How Safe Is It To Return To The Office?

7.19 – Life At Work Post Covid – Is Working From Home Here To Stay?

10.35 – Democratising The Labour Market & Closing The North South Divide

12.09 – Winners And Losers – Changing Footfall Of Cities

15.28 – What If Your Boss Makes You Come Back To The Office Too Early?

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