Episode 11 – Compulsive or Restrictive Eating

Part 2- Body Image

Sarah Dosanjh is a Psychotherapist, Coach & Author specialising in compulsive, emotional and restrictive eating and helping her clients to find peace with food.

We are exploring body image from a therapists perspective, definitions of compulsive and restrictive eating, signs of an eating disorder, making comparisons and how to gain more confidence through positive body image.


1.10 – Healthy Body Image & Self Esteem

3.02 – Compulsive & Restrictive Eating Definitions

4.23- Signs of Eating Disorders

6.03 – The Impact Of Social Media For Compulsive Eaters

7.32 – Body Comparisons

9.10 – Personal Insights On Binge Eating

16.06 – All Or Nothing Thinking & Being Good Enough

19.15 – Abstaining From Fats & Sugars

21.30 – Who is Responsible For Your Food Consumption?

23.13- Positive Body Image Advice

26.09 –  Men & Eating Disorders


Sarah runs a group programme for people suffering & training for professionals. Find out more here 

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