Episode 24- Autonomy, Burnout & Flexible Working

Autonomy, Burnout & Flexible Working- Episode 24 Work Life Balance with Hoxby Collective. We are exploring the diverse and inclusive approach of remote and flexible working to create a work life balance and avoid burnout for the future of work.

Alex Hirst Founder of The Hoxby Collective a ‘workstyle’ movement has become an 800-strong community of talent across 30 countries, an online community who work remotely the hours they choose.

Listen to find out about the future of work and Hoxby Collectives ‘Workstyle Mantra’


0.45 – Exploring the 9-5 System & Creating Hoxby

2.32 – Experiencing Burnout

6.58 – Physical & Emotional Connection

9.30 – Benefits of Reflection & Relationships

10.20 – Autonomy, Flexibility & Diversity at Hoxby

15.29 – Respect the Workstyle Mantra & Community

16.15 – Wellbeing for an Online Team on a Budget

24.11 – Peer to Peer Recognition & Saying Thanks


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