Episode 39 – PhD Perspective

Series 3 Student Mental Health Crisis

Madis Talmer and Ivan Andric are exploring the mental health crisis from a doctoral perspective. They both have double doctorate degrees, are passionate about open innovation programmes and part of the alumnus of the EIT InnoEnergy PhD School

Madis Talmar an assistant professor of entrepreneurship and innovation at Eindhoven University of Technology alongside Ivan Andric, working across a number of sectors bridging innovation, R&D and business development throughout the value chain across Europe and The Middle East

1.06 – Doctoral Studies & The Impact of Supervisors

4.37- Loneliness In PhD Studies

5.40 – Stigma For Academics Getting Help

7.20 – Weakness Or Just Part Of The Job?

10.49 – Mental Fitness & Personal Resilience

12.46 – Next Generation Of Lecturers & Supervisors

13.50 – Embedding Emotional Education

16.36 – Advice to PhD Students To Increase Resilience

21.07 – Mindfulness, Self Reflection & Gratitude

24.55 – Tolerance, Demands, Diversity & Inclusion