Episode 42- Ageing & Longevity

Part 2- Older People’s Mental Health

The number of people aged 75 or over is expected to double in the next 30 years. Age discrimination continues to blight our society, despite a decade of government policies.

Tina Woods CEO of Longevity International a catalyst to changing the narrative on ageing. She is exploring age discrimination, psychological wellbeing and building a healthy life expectancy for an ageing population.

Longevity International & Collider Health ecosystem architects, building collaborative partnerships to transform health with sustainable impact.

1.20 – Older People Our Treasured Wisdom

2.56 – Key Themes of Longevity

6.32 – Ageism & The Opportunities of Living Longer

10.41 – Social Connection, Family Networks & Loneliness

12.35 – Post Retirement Phase

13.11 – Longevity Communities

14.47- Creativity & Innovation Making Social Connections

15.34 – Shaping the Ageing Narrative For The Future