Episode 43 – The Ageing Population

Part 3- Older People’s Mental Health

The UK population is ageing rapidly with the number of people aged 65 and over growing.

Dr Kamath & Dr Finlayson both Consultant Psychiatrists are exploring the impact of diagnosis and treatment for older people’s mental health across a growing ageing population.

They both have over 30 years clinical experience working in Older People’s Mental Health and Dr Kamath is also the Clinical Director for Old Age Psychiatrists in Bradford District Care Trust.

1.10 – Increased Demand, With Increased Population

2.34 – Most Older People Are Not Mentally Ill

4.42 – The Role Of Primary Care & Signposting

6.41 – Raising Up The Standard

7.16 – The Dementia Focus

9.51 – Prescription Medication vs Social Connection

12.04 – Closing The Gap Between Physical & Mental Health

14.27 – Rebalancing The System

16.20 – The Prevention Agenda

20.47- Top Priorities For The Future