Episode 44 – Beat My Addictions

Part 1 – Dry January

Welcome to our series on #dryjanuary we are exploring beating addictions. How to stay off the booze or other substances and reset your relationships at home and work

Chris Hill, Addiction Expert & Founder of the 7 Day Beat My Addiction Plan & The Rob Hill Foundation. He is helping thousands of people beat their addictions across the globe.

1.05 – Reprogramming The Mind & Body

4.16 – Willpower vs Getting Rid Of Wants And Needs

5.40 – Chris Shares His Own Experiences Of Addictions

7.28 – Free 7 Days Beat My Addictions Plan

8.17 – Dry January Raises Awareness

9.16 – Workshops, Retreats And Self Guided Learning

10.24 – NHS Recognition & Accreditation

14.03 – Patient Choice & Getting Into GP Surgeries

Download the 7 days best my addiction plan Chris speaks about in the podcast to explore addiction here https://mailchi.mp/beatmyaddictions/7-day-beat-addiction-plan-download