Episode 45 – Addiction, Recovery & CBD

Part 2- Dry January

Welcome to our series on #dryjanuary We are exploring addictions, avoiding devastation, how to stay off the booze or other substances, substitute medication, CBD and how to maintain recovery through connection.

Dave is a New Yorker who has been in recovery for 4 years and hosts a podcast Dopey about drugs, addiction and dumb shit. Helping addicts to feel less shame and isolation through joy and laughter.

1.45 – The Dopey Podcast

2.24 – The Darker Side Of Addiction

4.40 – Exploring The Definition Of  Addiction

6.08 – Self Medicating & Mental Health

7.33 – Motivated For Recovery

9.55 – The Aha Moment

13.04 – Substitute Medication vs The Abstinence Model

15.15 – CBD & Cannabinoid Alternatives

19.11 – Keto & Making The Decision?

21.39 – Relapse & The Dopey Nation

23.37 – Connection, Connection, Connection

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