Shifting Paradigms- How To Stop Responding To Addictive Behaviour?

Shifting Paradigms- How To Stop Responding To Addictive Behaviour?

Repetitive Behaviour

Something we all experience a snippet of during the Christmas break.

The over consumption of high fat sugary food, causing us to feel tired, lethargic and gain afew kilos.

Yet, we still keep going, despite the adverse health effects.

I mean, this is normal and just for a short period. But, imagine somebody with an addiction, who keeps going, something inside driving them to keep going, even when it is killing all life.

Have you ever wondered about the repetition in addiction and how to stop responding to urges?

Habit Forming Behaviour

If you have ever had an addiction, whether it’s to everyday substances such as coffee, sugar and nicotine, or something more serious like drugs or alcohol.

If you are unable to take the substance for whatever reason. Your body quickly understands that something is missing.

Most habits are so easily formed, yet to unlearn them is such a complex and mammoth task to undo.

No wonder we prefer to maintain the status quo

As the new year approaches, many of us will be contemplating new years resolutions, and asking our fairy godmother’s to perform her magic, instantly resolving some of our most stubborn and annoying habit forming behaviours.

You know what I am talking about! Right?

Gym memberships spike in this season, but as the enthusiasm wears off, so do our efforts.

Changing habits of a lifetime require a conscious concentrated and sustained effort.

Whether a long term addiction, a quick diet after Christmas or changing a company culture.

To understand deep rooted habits we must learn to dig a little deeper and gain awareness of what has formed beneath to shape our future behaviour.

Paradigm shifts can certainly undo learned behaviours beyond the timeframes of a New Year’s Resolution.


Shifting Paradigms

Our paradigms are formed at such a young age, we often don’t even realise they exist, or how they effect our daily choices.

Have you ever stopped to think, what you really want or even need in your life? Instead of reacting impulsively, when something is missing or opting for maintaining the status quo.

Start to think about the things that you really want and let those thoughts occupy your mind.

We must change our daily choices and make a conscious effort to think differently

What we think, becomes what we do and say. I believe our happiness, health and even wealth are shaped by our inner world.

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