Episode 55 Mental Fitness – 5 Simple Steps To Fuel Your Brain

What Is Mental Fitness? 5 Simple Steps To Fuel Your Brain

Exploring emotional resilience to combat stress & what it means to be ‘Fit’ and track mental fitness in the exact same way to physical fitness.

Jana Dowling, CEO of Arkeo, Mental Fitness Tracking App. Jana’s mission is to change the way people think about mental fitness.

Amit Lakhani, Creator of Peace Be The Journey. After 16 years of trial and error in his physical & mental wellbeing he developed this theory on total wellbeing.


0.55 – Definition Of Mental Fitness & Tracking Our Brain Strength

3.13 – Food, Mood, Sleep & Exercise Variables

5.50 – Caffeine Mania & Changing Behaviours

8.39 – Empowerment & Taking Control Of Your Life

9.40 – Increasing Motivation – What Is Stopping You?

13.05 – Consistency, Reality & Segmenting Milestones

15.41 – Law Of Effort vs Peace Be The Journey

18.05 – Leading By Fear & Anxiety

19.57- Affirmations, Acceptance & Progress

22.36 – Resilience & The Stress Cup

23.42 – Focus, Pitfalls & Struggles


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