Episode 83 – Black Muslim Female Entrepreneur

Black Women Leading & Winning Series 7

Cordelia Gaffer, Author of DETACHED LOVE: Transforming Your Heart So That You Can Transform Your Mind. Creator of Replenish Me ™ Coach for courageous leaders, Co-host of Unlearning labels podcast.

We are exploring race, culture and identity to avoid victim mentality. Cordelia takes the main stage as a ’Small’ Black Muslim Female Entrepreneur  in love and compassion to breakdown deep rooted stereotypes.

0.55 – Choosing Humanity & Detached Love

2.26 – Releasing Victim Mentality – Replenish Me ™

5.57 – Culture, Religion & Race

7.16 – Black Muslim Female Entrepreneur

10.46 – Lifetime Of Anger

13.20 – Taking The Main Stage ’Small’ Woman

15.15 – Compassion For Deep Rooted Stereotypes

17.12 – Sweet Talking The Labels!

23.32 – 3 Ways To Create Belonging in the Hybrid Workplace

27.05 – What Means The Most To You?

Kinship – Safe Space for Diverse Women.

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