Giving a new currency for success?

Giving a new currency for success?

Giving a new currency

The corporate world is often marked with such an aggressive, competitive edge where striving to be the best and staying on top of the competition can be deemed as depressing and negative.

This is simply not true, sure people want to do their best and their definitely more of a commercial incentive, but I really did nor expect to meet with such a currency of giving in such a competitive marketplace.

One month on from leaving my job to follow an idea I have considered in my mind for years and I am amazed at how willing people are to help and collaborate with me.

The willingness of others to give and share has made this such a great start. I have hit the ground running and I am loving the journey. I just wish I had done this sooner and not listened to those internal voices that have held me back!

In less than a month I have replaced my income, but more importantly I absolutely love what I do, making an impact to close the gap between health and mental health. I am currently working with some amazing digital companies who are making such a difference in the health space and I am able to reach even more people suffering with mental health issues.

The impact and potential is limitless, deeply fulfilling and greatly rewarding. It would be worth doing this even if I didn’t get paid! However, it would not be a very wise choice and not one I think my bank manager would agree with. After all I need to eat and keep paying the bills!!

Paying it forward

I think work is a good thing and it is something we are created to do, if you are fit and able. After all if we don’t work, we can’t eat. Hence, I am grateful to work and even more grateful to be able to create an income at the same time as doing good for the world.

Taking that leap of faith to leave employment and create my own work has been a game changer. In reality it has been a challenging journey that started several months ago, probably even years ago before I took my first few steps.

In the spirit of giving and paying it forward. I want to share with others my journey and the foundations I have laid to be able to get to this place. I truly believe generosity to others opens up the doors to receive such abundance and opportunity in your life and in the currency of giving building up others.

Hence, the world of work and home life do not exist so far apart for me. The principles I operate in at home I want to carry to work and vice versa. If we reap what we sow the currency of giving is a vital key to success in both life and business. I am not suggesting we give to receive, but the currency of giving is a powerful force that is at work all around, if not now then at some point in the future.


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