REST is a Superpower

REST is a Superpower

The Power of Rest

Rest is intrinsically powerful. It allows the body and mind to rejuvenate, repair, and regenerate.

For workaholic superwomen, juggling multiple roles and responsibilities, rest isn’t just a luxury—it’s a necessity.

It aids in maintaining physical health, fosters mental clarity and balances our emotions.

More importantly, it can significantly improve productivity and creativity, making it your true superpower.

By getting enough rest and replenishing your energy levels, you are giving yourself the same care and attention as you give to others!

The benefits are manifold: a stronger immune system and better mood will ensure you can meet your daily challenges head-on.

What is your out-of-office personality?

Presenteeism is the no1 gauge for managers to understand the well-being of their teams and for employees to take a quick temperature check of workplace morale.

A poll of 1,050 UK adults, published in 2022 by market research firm Ipsos UK, found that 60% were in favour of introducing a law that would give workers the right to ignore work-related communications outside of working hours.

“Constant emails and calls outside of work should not be the norm and is harming work-life balance”

Another client said…

“If it is something urgent I’d much rather address it ASAP rather than come into firefighting in the morning”

No matter how mentally strong or resilient you are, it’s impossible to thrive when you are overworking, tired or burnt out.

So, if you are really good at prioritising everyone else above yourself this message is for you!

Remember: Your kids don’t want a perfect mum, they want a happy one!


How many of us really ever switch off?

Please leave a message at the beep and when I’m back I will look into it.

But, really it is…….I am away, but I will check my emails! I see many of my clients working without a pause, which only goes well until you get burnout…

‘Right before taking a couple of weeks off. I have to feel my cup is almost empty and I start to feel irritated or harassed by the small things’

Perhaps, you need to exchange dipping in and out of your emails when you feel like it for complete disconnection?

How would those creeping feelings of imposter syndrome, low self-worth and not feeling good enough react to that…..

Especially high-achieving superwomen, who often lean into perfectionism as a coping mechanism or defence against these anxieties.


If I’m not working, then I’m not working

A toxic work culture is detrimental to your mental and physical health. It will eat away at your soul daily……

I have learned in these dire moments to quickly assess if the people around me are actually a help or a hindrance.

And, to radically limit my time with those that are a drain. To enable me to focus my energy on people and tasks that fill my cup and nurture self-compassion.

If like me you have been a victim of a toxic workplace and it has or is making you struggle with your self-esteem, or even interfere with your sleep. Not to mention being gaslighted if you call it out! 

Queens if this resonates, please do not hesitate to connect here


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