Episode 51 – Orthorexia, Nutrition & Dieting Culture

Part 3 - Eating Disorders Awareness Week. This talk explores Orthorexia, clean eating, plant based vegan diets & balanced nutrition through intuitive eating   Ania Mitchell, Registered Dietitian. Founder of Mindful Nutrition 365, specialising in Intuitive Eating. Supporting women to heal their relationship with food. Ania has an MSc in...

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Orthorexia – The New Eating Disorders Narrative

What Are Eating Disorders?   An eating disorder is a mental disorder, defined by abnormal eating habits ,that negatively affect a person's physical or mental health and has some of the highest mortality rates, across all mental illness.   Eating disorders have been documented back to the 12th Century. Before...

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Episode 12- Body Transformation A Male Perspective

Part 3- Body Image Steven Walker is a Personal Trainer and Confidence Coach. An award winning natural body builder and body transformation expert. We are talking body image from a male perspective.     0.30 - Body Image From A Male Perspective 1.40 - Self Esteem & The Mind &...

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