Episode 75 – When You Accidentally Develop An Eating Disorder?

Welcome to Eating Disorders Awareness Week

We are exploring what happens when you accidentally develop an eating disorder & how food, body weight and body shape can become an obsession, even when you desire to create a healthy mindset.

Carmel Abrahams, Business Manager at Benevolent Health & Becks Bell Female Fitness & Fat Loss Coach is working with women of every age, shape, size and fitness level to achieve their fitness goals.

1.45 – Challenging The Myths & Misunderstandings

2.03 – Food Obsession – What Is A Healthy Mindset?

4.40 – What is Orthorexia?

5.24 – Accidental Eating Disorder

8.23 – Side Effects Of Not Eating

9.21 – Getting Access To Early Help

10.48 – The Cost Of The Pandemic On Your Recovery

13.32 – Creating A Healthy Relationship With Food

16.05 – Binge, Purge & Deprive Loop

17.22 – Getting A Diagnosis

20.03 – Prevention Is Better Than Cure

22.24 – Lockdown & The Weight Loss Narrative

25.38 – Losing Weight vs Body Positivity

Do you have an unhealthy relationship with food? Unlock hours of valuable content to shatter the myths & misuderstandings on eating disorders.  Learn from diverse perspectives here