Episode 75 – When You Accidentally Develop An Eating Disorder?

Welcome to Eating Disorders Awareness Week We are exploring what happens when you accidentally develop an eating disorder & how food, body weight and body shape can become an obsession, even when you desire to create a healthy mindset. Carmel Abrahams, Business Manager at Benevolent Health & Becks Bell Female...

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Episode 74 – Dealing With An Eating Disorder In Covid-19

Episode 74 - Eating Disorders Awareness Week The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting many people's mental health in ways we might not have anticipated. For anyone dealing with an eating disorder, the coronavirus lockdown has created some unique challenges and opportunities. Lulu Malvani & Lana Kessler are both in recovery from...

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Episode 49 – Binge Eating Disorder A Male Perspective

Part 1 - Eating Disorders Awareness Week Binge & Compulsive Eating effects around 45% of the population suffering with eating disorders, particularly men suffer with binge eating. Yet, there is little narrative on eating disorders from a male perspective. Peter K is sharing his own personal story of binge eating...

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