Episode 74 – Dealing With An Eating Disorder In Covid-19

Episode 74 – Eating Disorders Awareness Week

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting many people’s mental health in ways we might not have anticipated. For anyone dealing with an eating disorder, the coronavirus lockdown has created some unique challenges and opportunities.

Lulu Malvani & Lana Kessler are both in recovery from eating disorders and share strategies that may help you or a loved one on a journey of recovery.

0.58 – Body Dysmorphia & Mums

2.48 – Difference Between Bulimia & Anorexia

4.26 – Why Using Scales To Diagnose Eating Disorders Is Not Great!

6.13 – Recognising Eating Disorder

7.55 – Comparison The Thief Of Joy

12.42 – What is fitness & what does it mean to be fit?

14.05 – Authenticity vs Being Liked

18.20 – Diet Culture, Sports & Peak Performance

23.49 – Bone health & Osteopenia

26.25 – Menstrual Cycles & Fertility

27.59 – What Is Normal?

29.58 – The Impact Of Covid On Eating Disorders?

36.23 – Is It Healthy To Measure?

38.27 – Advice To Your Younger Selves

42.26 – Happy In Your Own Skin!

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