Episode 76- Black Women Leading & Winning 2

International Women’s Day #choosetochallenge. We explore the impact of micro aggressions on your mental health and calling this out in the workplace.

Madeline Nyatsanza Founder of ‘Black Mental Health UK’ a clubhouse club and is on a mission to de-stigmatise mental health within the black community.

She is also a Management Consultant & Project Manager by trade and knows first-hand the challenges one can face when entering the corporate world as a black woman who is leading and winning.


1.22 – What are microaggressions?

2.19 – Death by a thousand cuts

4.17 – ‘You’re so articulate’ ‘Is that your hair?’

7.08 – Black experience of being ‘The Other’

7.52 – Challenges black women face in corporate

9.27 – What should white leaders know about microaggressions?

11.24 – Calling out microaggressions

12.30 – My failures navigating the corporate space

13.35 – Getting it wrong & being emotionally vulnerability

15.17 – Listening in a vulnerable way

17.37 – Building trust, getting frank!

19.35 – Pub culture, building relationships & breaking barriers

27.11 – The importance of mentorship

32.43 – Black Mental Health

37.50 – Collective advancement & trauma free blackness

42.01 – The most important advice for good mental health

If you would like to support your employees to increase awareness of  Race & Mental Health download our Race & Mental Health Toolkit