Episode 54 – How The Pandemic Is Changing Our Sleep Health?

Dr. Amiya Patanaik is the CEO & Co-founder of Neurobit Technologies. He has a PhD in Computer Engineering from NTU Singapore. Before starting Neurobit, he was working on improving sleep and memory using real-time acoustic stimulations as a PhD at Duke-NUS Medical School. We Are Exploring: Sleep & Society -...

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Episode 53 – Corporate Culture & Sleep

Welcome to today’s episode on Sleep. This Is Our Monthly Focus On The Workplace Today we are exploring the importance of sleep for shift workers and frequent flyers or business travellers Christopher Babayode an advocate, author & thought leader in the field of sleep. He is the Founder of No...

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World Sleep Day – 4 Hows To Improve Your Sleep

Sleep - The best, but often ignored, medicine   You may be familiar with the adage that “sleep is the best medicine”: there’s a great deal of truth to this – sleep is the best, if not the only, remedy to a whole host of potential health issues, from maintaining...

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