Episode 53 – Corporate Culture & Sleep

Welcome to today’s episode on Sleep. This Is Our Monthly Focus On The Workplace

Today we are exploring the importance of sleep for shift workers and frequent flyers or business travellers

Christopher Babayode an advocate, author & thought leader in the field of sleep. He is the Founder of No Jet Stress & naturopathic nutritional therapist & trained in NLP NeuroLinguistic Programming.

Chris spent 20 years as a flight attendant flying in excess of 100,000 miles per annum while holding the role as a Wellbeing and Inclusions Advisor



1.09 – Staying Well On The Job

2.20 – Trans-latitudinal Travel, Hormones & Quality Sleep

4.24 – Shift Work & Circadian Rhythms

7.15 – How To Have Better Sleep?

10.57 – Sleep Chronotypes – Bear, Lion, Wolf & Dolphins?

12.08 – 8 Hour Sleep Opportunity

12.49 – Farewell Jet Lag

16.28- How Can We Protect Our Sleep Patterns?

21.31 – Corporate Culture & Sleep

25.33 – Wellness Travel Concierge