When something bad happens

When something bad happens

Belonging Uncertainty

Our sense of belonging in school and at work has been shown to directly affect academic grades, performance and mental well-being.

Throughout history, social connections and group membership have been critical for survival, so it is natural to question whether we fit into new environments.

The experience of questioning whether we belong, or ever could, is known as belonging uncertainty.

Adler emphasised the importance of relationships and being connected.

“The outside world shapes our consciousness, as does the world of the family”

Studies show that when something bad happens, particularly for first-generation, women of colour, warranted or not, we worry about how standing out will affect us.

We also wonder whether if we belong or if;

We are smart enough?

Hard-working enough?

Good enough?

It’s important to note that people with marginalised identities are most at risk due to the lack of representation and discriminatory practices which increase belonging uncertainty.

In the context of the current world crisis and the level of uncertainty, particularly in Palestine and Israel.

While the need for meaning and value is in question belonging uncertainty takes over in many individuals’ psyches.

Social Wellbeing

For those who feel the urgency of a ceasefire, ordinary life may seem meaningless and absurd at the moment.

And, I can’t help but ponder the impact of social wellbeing on our own internal behaviours or health habits.

Social wellbeing can be defined as the sharing, developing, and sustaining of meaningful relationships with others, creating a sense of authenticity, value, connectedness, and belonging.

It is also the subjective evaluation of our own personal life circumstances within a social context or the defence against belonging uncertainty.

Perhaps, a useful way to regulate the individual psyche or our collective social wellbeing is through demonstrations or rallies, which we can see happening at scale globally.

Many may view such acts are an expression of resistance or rebellion, perhaps some would say they are disrespectful in relation to Remembrance Sunday.

However, a sense of belonging involves more than simply being acquainted and such demonstrations improve our collective or social wellbeing.


7 solidarity actions you can take for Palestine and Israel

1️⃣ Tell your elected reps to act now

2️⃣ Donate Medical Aid for Palestinians

3️⃣ Increase your knowledge and awareness. Learn the history to form your own opinions.

4️⃣ Do not rely on the news or social media. There is much unverified news on this.

5️⃣ Take a moment to amplify the voices of Israelis and Palestinians. Please call out hateful and oppressive speech when you encounter it.

6️⃣ And, PRAY MORE. This situation requires a miracle.


Your Mind Matters

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