Black History Month

Black History Month October is the month we celebrate black history in the UK. “Proud to be” inspired by Black Lives Matter for people all over the UK to share what they are proud of on social media. One of the things that inspired me to curate the ‘Black Women...

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Establishing Safe Spaces

Establishing safe spaces In response to last year’s global protests for racial justice, employers started to emphasise their commitment to Diversity & Inclusion more in the workplace. The initial response by many corporates was to establish a place for safety for black and brown employees to share experiences of grief...

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5 Ways To Nurture And Retain Diverse Talent

Why retaining diverse talent is the future of your workforce? Today, companies require a diverse workforce in order to successfully retain employees, who visualise problems from numerous different perspectives. If a business lacks diversity of thought, it lacks the full potential to finding creative and alternative solutions. Having a diverse...

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