Episode 88 – The Kinship Summit

Episode 88 – The Kinship Summit – Tackling loneliness for diverse women

Yvonne Alston Chief Culture Architect, CEO & Founder of Indelible Impressions Consulting

We are exploring leadership and the skills of great leaders to improve the experience of culture & belonging and bias correct, particularly for women of colour in corporate.

2.36 – The great resignation – Is it a direct result of our mental wellbeing?

8.46 – Why does representation matter? What should leaders look like?

14.06 – Pioneers – How to accelerate without sacrificing your mental health?

21.52 – The qualities of good leaders to foster diversity coming out of the pandemic?

28.09 – #BiasCorrect how radical empathy can shift the narrative for allies and leaders?

30.37 – Getting the word out as a recruiter?

35.16 – Now is the time! We have the MIC

If you are tackling loneliness for diverse women in corporate. You can access the Kinship Summit here