Discernment – The ultimate life hack in 2024

Discernment – The ultimate life hack in 2024

Always hypervisible!

The idea that success is a ‘one size fits all’ approach and not trusting your instincts or that something can be done in a different way is harmful and exhausting.

If like me you are highly emotionally sensitive to people and situations. One of the reasons for this is that being the ‘only one’ or the first one in a team or work environment will make you hyper-visible!

This may show up as, and this list is not exhaustive;

Always getting work DONE, even if it means no work-life balance. I never missed a deadline!

Your inbox is immaculate and you will always respond in a timely manner.

Going above and beyond is your signature. I often run overtime on appointments or consultations to make sure I give the most value.

Avoiding gossip or backbiting, even if it looks like not showing allegiance because you know talking trash about your colleagues could leave you as a scapegoat……

You commit to extra work and often volunteer for it, because you feel saying ‘No’ is not an option and will be viewed as not being a team player

I would often show up even if I was sick, even if it was ‘optional’ to attend a meeting. Mostly because your imposter kicks in and tells you that you are ‘lucky’ to be there!

Walking around repressed!

In 2024, if you continue to walk around repressed, sleepwalking through life or on autopilot.

Most of us do btw, it will block your blessings!

I personally, believe this is one of the reasons many of us are emotionally and physically sick. But, there are consequences for having boundaries and protecting your peace.

Don’t let other people’s opinions make you feel this is a flaw or something is wrong with you!

It is valuable quality that will serve to enrich the right relationships.

It can also be draining, choosing how to respond all the time, instead of reacting to abusive and toxic behaviours. I feel it more when dealing with people who are unwilling or unable to self-reflect.

And, for me even more disappointing, when this level of toxicity comes from people who look like me and who I thought would be allies.


3 things to prioritise in 2024 to protect your mental health & wellbeing

I implore you to adopt these into your routine;

  1. Boundaries this year I will be saying ‘No’ even more. If saying ‘No’ means I am deemed as mean or not very nice. Thank you! This is a compliment. However, boundaries are here to stay and they will help you say ‘Yes’ to more of the right things which is a game-changer for your mental health and wellbeing.
  2. Silence the seasonal battle strategy. Sounds counterintuitive to not say a thing, but in some seasons being silent and less visible gives you space to grow and get more DONE. You do not need to respond to everything, it is a choice. Exercise wisdom, when to speak and when to be silent to become as gentle as a dove and as wise as a serpent!
  3. Discernment is the ultimate life hack in 2024. This will ALWAYS serve you in every season! Put simply, your intuition usually always gives you the right counsel, the first time. Be intentional about nurturing that this year and tune into what you already know deep down! TRUST yourself.

If you are AWAKE in a world where most people are physically alive, but emotionally or spiritually dead and this resonates. Let’s connect here