Being Black, Female and a Founder

Black Female Founder Based on estimates by the UK government, UK Black female-owned enterprises account for 0.63% of all micro, small and medium enterprises, while Black female adults make up 1.56% of the total UK population. The number of black female founders is increasing in the UK but only 0.5%...

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Episode 81 – Becoming a Cheerleader

Black Women Leading & Winning Series 5 Michaela Jeffrey Morrison, Chief Executive Officer, Ascend Global Media. Founder of the Women in Technology World Series, a cutting-edge digital platform and conference portfolio dedicated to diversity and inclusion. She has directed numerous high profile conferences in Europe and The USA to promote...

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Mixed Fragility & Colourism

The Mixed-Race Identity In society, we often think about identity in a binary or mono-racial way which can leave mixed-race people struggling to find places where they feel they fit in. Mixed-race people can have dissimilar experiences growing up and struggle between occupying two different sides of heritage at the...

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