Black Female Founder – This is Me!

Black Female Founder – This is Me!

I am good enough

I am fearless

I am confident

Let me break it down


I am a Black British born female. Living in London with Jamaican heritage. Yes, both my parents are black!! (this is a regular question, I am asked for real)!!

I first trained as a therapist in 1999 and I have always been fascinated with human behaviour, particularly curious about the impact of race on mental health.

I spent the early part of my career working with addictions, mostly drug rehabilitation and later eating disorders. I still have a small handful of patients to keep my clinical registrations, but it also keeps me real and humble!

I didn’t have a University degree until I was 33. Interestingly, this year was also one of the most painful years of my life. Filled with loss, trauma and grief. Happy to share more about this if we speak, unpacking it here is a very long essay! 

Maybe, I will record a podcast? The title TBC!!

I am a genuine expert in this field, with over 15 year’s experience, delivering over 30,000 hours of one to one and group work. 

In my 15 year career, I was often part of the ‘prove it again’ group, having to evidence my contributions, which would fed into previous life traumas and I was always left feeling not good enough.

I would over compensate by being a perfectionist polisher and drive myself and everyone around me mad with unrealistically high expectations!

Ps It is good to have standards, but just don’t piss everyone off by imposing those standards on them!!!


What is Benevolent Health?

I always had an entrepreneurial spirit and struggled to be employed because freedom is my highest value!

I started Benevolent Health in 2017 while on a mission to create happier, healthier workplaces by making mental health more accessible. My last employed role had been consulting and coaching. But, my purpose is to bring a diverse perspective to mental health and share different narratives.

Benevolent health provides tailored content to meet the diverse needs of different people, to build a culture of belonging and promote wellbeing. I always knew the one size fits all approach was not a real solution to improving wellbeing. I love collaborations and have worked with some amazing experts to create a range of diverse summits and recently a mini- course on Racial Trauma.

During the multiple lockdowns, as mental health skyrocketed up every leader’s agenda. I pivoted online and facilitated a range of mental health workshops online and across many different sectors. I saw time and time again the impact of micro aggressions and not feeling valued.

It is one of the biggest contributors to mental health in the workplace, particularly for diverse women, who have or are experiencing loss, grief or trauma.

If you are or have been part of the kinship group. You would have experienced some of the techniques I use to increase confidence and self-worth. If you have not been to Kinship it is a safe space for diverse women. We meet the first Friday of every month. I would love to see you there!


Success & wellbeing are not mutually exclusive

My heart is for diverse women and my mission for 2022 is to see more successful women elevated into leadership positions, without sacrificing their mental health.

I have a 6-week accelerator programme for diverse women to increase your impact and income. But, really we go much deeper, addressing some of the real issues that are sabotaging business or career progression.

If it is costing you too much to stay the same and you want to get the results you deserve. You have to start going after what you really want and start to change what you have been telling yourself for years!

If this resonates with you and your interested in learning more about the programme, sign up for a free 30 min discovery call here