A goal without a deadline is just a WISH!

A goal without a deadline is just a WISH!

A goal without a deadline is just a WISH!

If I asked for an increase and I got shut down, it didn’t stop me.

I was no longer able to play small and I was focused on really doing things differently.

I had already planned my next steps prior, so nothing was going to sway my focus!

At the start of every year, I would imagine where I wanted to be 6 months from now and then reverse engineer the milestones to keep me on track. I would imagine myself in the life I wanted, imagining every single detail.

If you are constantly in survival mode, dreaming of what could be possible seems pointless. For many of the overwhelmed women I work with, dreaming of the future or flourishing can feel so far away and often even impossible!

Many of us are in the habit of denying our dreams, but when you finally decide to get out of these habits you end up in remarkable places, if you just believe and allow yourself to dream!

And, there lies the difference. You know what I mean?


My roadmap to success

My roadmap to success has been paved with many obstacles, and this my friends, has all been part of the process.

When I used to think of a leader, I didn’t see myself and neither did others!

I had people ask to speak to the “real manager,” “someone older,” and one super insulting time, “a man.

I think they actually really also meant a white man, but didn’t dare say it!

For a long time, this meant that I felt like an imposter in my role; and at any moment, I would be found out.

You can’t be what you can’t see.

So, for the past 5 years, I’ve been creating a new image of leaders. And, now I see me!

My heart is for diverse women and my mission for 2022 is to see more successful women elevate in their career or business, without sacrificing your mental health.

I have a 6-week accelerator programme for diverse women to increase your impact and income. But, really we go much deeper, addressing some of the real issues that are sabotaging your progression.

You have to start going after what you really want and start to change the same old dialogue that you have been telling yourself for years!

If it is costing you too much to stay the same and you want to get the results you deserve.


4 key pillars to set attainable goals in 2022

I actually genuinely believe, successful people are not the ones who are more intelligent, but the ones who have a strategy to get there, a roadmap that will show the directions.

  • Impact x10 – I often see people spend 80% of their time, money and energy on activities that either do not generate the outcomes they want or keep them stuck in rinse and repeat cycles. They feel exhausted and overwhelmed, then give up or often get distracted. To 10x your impact start by reviewing your daily activities and making sure 80% of your time is focused on activities which will give you the most impact.
  • Rewards – Being the only person on your team or even in the whole entire organisation that looks like you can be exhaus. So, if you cried in the shower this morning before stepping out as superwoman, then perhaps it is time to reward yourself with something that will keep you motivated, but more importantly to acknowledge what a super woman you really are!
  • Leadership Development – We are always evolving as leaders or learning on the job. The challenge is prioritising developmental goals, while balancing competing priorities and delivering in the day job. The quickest way to see results is to surround yourself with people where you leverage your strengths and feel built up.
  • Accountability – is the most important pillar, because without accountability it is difficult to stay on track or be consistent. All the best productivity tools in the world will keep your workflow organised. But, having someone you are accountable to and who will challenge your thinking will be one of your best assets!

Here is a link to the roadmap I use. I invite you to complete it before the start of 2022. You are AMAZING. Learn more about the accelerator programme and let’s see if it is a fit. WAITLIST is now OPEN. Apply here