Episode 81 – Becoming a Cheerleader

Black Women Leading & Winning Series 5

Michaela Jeffrey Morrison, Chief Executive Officer, Ascend Global Media. Founder of the Women in Technology World Series, a cutting-edge digital platform and conference portfolio dedicated to diversity and inclusion.

She has directed numerous high profile conferences in Europe and The USA to promote diversity & inclusion of women in technology and is certainly a cheerleader for diversity in technology.

0.55 – Diversity & Women in Technology

4.32 – Becoming a Cheerleader

5.44 – Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

7.57 – Loneliness as a Black Female Founder

11.38 – Labels should be a personal choice

13.02 – Authenticity & Selfcare

15.55 – Building Your Community as a Cheerleader

18.34 – Celebrating Diversity, Celebrating Difference

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