Diverse Women – How to increase your income?

Diverse Women – How to increase your income?

Do you have a side hustle?

I believe a side hustle should be a consideration for every diverse woman to truly achieve independence and financial freedom and make extra income.

Whether employed full time and loving a side hustle, as a passion project, or considering a side hustle as a full-time business.

To start generating recurring monthly revenue, you need more than a wish, prayer and amazing branding.

I have been there, dreading Monday mornings, wishing the day away in the office and always booking my next break, as soon as I return from holiday!!

If you are part of the ‘prove it again’ group and spend a considerable amount of time evidencing your contributions you definitely need a side hustle!

One thing is for sure, being solely dependent on your monthly salary can lead to deep frustration, especially when you have a toxic boss or an unhealthy work environment.


Dealing with fear, doubt & sabotage

Wealth in my experience is much more than money. And, dealing with sabotage, imposter syndrome, fear, doubt or rejection is an essential part of wealth creation.

This may sound odd, but creating multiple income streams or having investments is only a small part of having freedom to empower better choices. No job is worth sacrificing your mental health!

Financial investments may start with as little as £100, or even a side hustle. You don’t have to start with a property portfolio or trading on the stock market, even though both are good options. Here are 50 profitable side hustle ideas to get started.

Your mindset is where true wealth begins and it is one of your greatest assets. Spiritual, physical, and mental wellbeing must come first. If you have this mindset, you will find abundance in everything, not just in investments and finances.


Increasing your impact & Income

The know-how with a personalised roadmap, will provide the strategy to get you there quicker, and certainly saves you lots of effort and useless hard work turning your side hustle into a business.

It took me a while to figure this out because I spent so long on the offensive, sabotaging myself.

This kind of sabotage can spoil opportunities and it also shows up in other forms, including shrinking, hiding, diluting or apologising for your presence.

However, if you can deal with whatever is keeping you stuck or holding you back and kick those pesky saboteurs in the butt once and for all,  you will have a greater influence and impact in both your personal and professional spaces.

Money always follows impact! Learn how to 10 x your impact. Join us on the First Friday of each month for Kinship a Safe Space for diverse women.

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