Employee Benefits: 4 Ways to boost morale & make your office more friendly

Employee Benefits: 4 Ways to boost morale & make your office more friendly

Employee Benefits

Nowadays, one of the top considerations people have when job searching for a job or potential employers are employee benefits. The perks offered are seen as the frosting on the cake, that manages to attract top-notch recruits and also can be tailored to fit the needs of current employees in order to increase job satisfaction.

It’s a great way for small and mid-sized businesses to demonstrate they care about their staff and boost productivity by creating happier, healthier employees. Amongst popular employee perks, like flexible schedules or healthy free snacks in the workplace, one that has proven very successful for some businesses is making an office space dog-friendly in order to allow employees to bring their dogs into work.

Not to mention, making an office dog-friendly is known to attract younger talent since it is an appealing incentive for millennial employees who can’t afford a doggy day-care or someone to care for their pet at home.

Making your office dog-friendly

There are some obvious obstacles that can stand in the way of this becoming a workplace policy. For example, if someone in the office suffers from an allergy, or a phobia, bringing a dog into the office would definitely not aid in boosting or even maintaining productivity. It is also important to consider the dog one is bringing into the workplace.

Trial periods are a good way of seeing how a dog would respond to spending the day in an office space, and half days are a great way to test the waters and see how your dog reacts to the stimulation of a new place and new people. Dogs that are overly hyper or struggle to socialise with new people and do not respond well to a new environment can be a huge distraction for its owner and other people in the office.

4 Ways to boost morale & make your office more friendly

Like other employee incentives, it is an investment designed to boost job satisfaction, tackles issues that affect productivity like disengagement, absenteeism, room for error and accidents.

  1. Owning a pet is known to relieve stress, promote a positive mood and even improve physical health. These factors help the development of a positive work environment. This supports an increase in job satisfaction among employees which subsequently boosts morale, engagement, loyalty, retention and productivity in the workplace.
  2. The presence of a dog in the office can help regulate an employee’s work habits, as in their consistent working hours and reduces the chance of presenteeism. Having to take a dog out a few times a day means an employee won’t be chained to their desk and will have to take the time out to rest and refocus throughout their day.
  3. Another clear advantage of making an office dog-friendly is that employees who are able to bring in their dogs to work are less likely to rush home to be with their dog and more willing to stay late. This also reassures employees will be more focused on their tasks in the office rather than worrying about their pet being left alone at home.
  4. A dog is also an excellent way of encouraging employees to bond, as humans we are drawn to play and pet animals. In the office this motivates good work, as employees will be excited about coming into work and this enthusiasm will be transferred to their performance.

Paying attention to perks that cater to the needs of your employees is an investment in your workforce and a business move for longevity and sustainability in the long term. If interested in making your office dog-friendly, proper planning is a must. It is important to consider safety and security; so make sure to tie up loose cords to avoid endangering the dog and expensive office equipment.


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