Episode 19- Intrusive thoughts, Anxiety & Panic

Petra Velzeboer, mental health consultant, psychotherapist, coach, business owner. Raised in a cult and turned things around. Sharing her experiences of anxiety, panic and intrusive thoughts, both personally and professionally.

  • 0.50 Shares her experiences of growing up in a cult
  • 2.25 Guilt & shame attached to anxiety and obsessive or intrusive thoughts
  • 3.40 How open conversations & sharing your thoughts earlier can help you to recognise negative thought patterns
  • 5.55   Coping strategies and managing panic attacks, anxiety and OCD toolkit
  • 8.53   Preventative and crisis moment interventions
  • 10.20 Breathing technique practices in a crisis
  • 12.50 Situational anxiety and triggers, building mental muscles
  • 16.15 Self awareness indulgence and connection
  • 18.02 Mental Health First Aiders and improving access to treatment- help or hinderance?
  • 24.03 Recommendations to overcome anxiety, panic and OCD for individuals and organisations