Episode 36 – Student Mental Health Crisis 1

A Counsellor’s Perspective

University students have been one of the hardest-hit demographics when it comes to their mental health with rates of student depression, anxiety, self-harm, eating disorders and suicidal ideation continuing to surge

Tasnima Kamali is a mental health mentor & qualified counsellor working with students in Colleges and Universities. Her passion is to support and enhance the wellbeing of students, so they can reach their full potential



1.10 – Student Mental Health Crisis – A Counsellor’s Perspectives

2.23 – Warning Signs For Suicide & Asking For Support

6.05 – Colleagues, Friends & Family Members Roles

6.55 – Implementing Safety Plans & Other Support Offers 

8.16 – The Difference Between Counsellor’s & Wellbeing Advisors

10.08 – Reducing Barriers & Cultural Differences Getting Help

12.13- Reactive vs Proactive Conversations

14.04 – Early Help & Emotional Education

16.06 – Physical & Social Connections To Boost Moods

19.20 – Mental Health Mentors For One to One Support

Tasnima can be found listed on the BACP Directory, Counselling Directory and Psychology Today https://www.bacp.co.uk/profile/6f81aeb7-5290-e711-80e8-3863bb351d40/therapist?location=Bank%2FMonument