Episode 37 – Graduate Perspective On Career Success

Student Mental Health Crisis Part 2

A staggering 99% of employers surveyed, said offering ‘soft skills’ on the university curriculum would vastly improve their chances of career success.

Bea Foscoli a masters student on the Innoenergy Programme is exploring finding employment, entrepreneurship and building resilience to enter the world of work.

Bea is in her final year of her masters about to graduate and searching for internship roles. An aspiring entrepreneur and winner of the biggest Energy Efficiency Hackathon in Europe.



1.02- Finances & Employment Stressors

2.23 – Enhancing Career Success

4.41- Coaching Programmes & GC Index Explained

11.10 – The Role Of Emotional Education

13.20 – Away From Home

15.49 – Next Generation Leaders

16.55 – Female Entrepreneurial Perspective

21.10 – Flexibility In The World Of Work

21.50 – Top Tips For Graduate Success